Najanakumbi, Kampala, Uganda

Kibale National Park

Tropical rain-forest interspersed with swamps and open grassland, is reputed to have the highest concentration of primates in East Africa with over 13 species being recorded. This 766 square km park extends southwards from Fort Portal to link up with Queen Elizabeth National Park.

Of the 13 primate species in this park the stars are the chimpanzees and it is reputed to be the easiest park to track them. Other primates include the rare red colobus, black and white colobus, olive baboon, L’Hoest’s, blue monkey and vervet to name a few.

There are some 60 species of mammals in the park including lion, leopard, elephant, buffalo, hippo, warthog, forest hog, sitatunga, duikers and bushbuck. However, it is rare to see most of these larger mammals due to the nature of the topography and terrain of the park.

The park also has some 335 species of birds. Most of the species are similar to those found in the other national parks with the exception of four not found in any other park. These are: Nahan’s francolin, Cassin’s spinetail, blue-headed bee-eater and masked apalis.

Activities in the park include Chimpanzee tracking, birding, guided forest walks and nature trails around the wetland sanctuaries.

Getting there:

By Road from Kampala to Fort Portal

What to do:

  • Game Drives
  • Trekking
  • Guided Nature Walks

Best time to go:

All year round

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